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Much as he misses Mama and his Wisconsin home, Lewis loves the time he gets to spend with Papa and the other traders in their wagon train. Every other double-page spread includes a small map that shows their progress, as the wagon train face challenges such as heat, river crossings and a buffalo stampede.

Through it all, Lewis and Papa grow closer in this story of a warm father-and-son relationship. Sleeping Bear Press, When exploring the Historic Third Ward the cousins sample a Milwaukee favorite, cheese curds, which are described as tasting like "melted sunshine". LaMarche, Jim. The Raft. HarperCollins, He soon realizes that his grandparent is marvelously unconventional in unexpected ways. Being a solitary artist among her other gifts and talents as an independent spirit, Grandma allows Nicky to ease into what he will enjoy in his own way.

When he learns to pole the raft, Nicky notices faded images of birds and animals on it. He begins to realize the variety of wildlife moving nearby in the water and along the shore by day and also by night. Later on, his grandma provides art materials so the boy can sketch what he observes.

LaMarche grew up in Wisconsin and had the pleasure of a similar experience while he was a boy. His exquisite paintings illustrating this handsome, singular story evoke a quiet, secluded Wisconsin river during summertime and encourage more than one type of observation.

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Liebig, Nelda Johnson. Carrie and the Apple Pie. Midwest Traditions, With the help of her new friend Fawn, a Menominee Indian girl, Carrie learns to move on with her life. This is the second book about Carrie, whose story began in Carrie and the Crazy Quilt. Carrie and the Boarding House. McLernon, Carol March. Overlooking Stoneybrook.

Story and photos by Carol March McLernon. Things change when Annie's brother becomes ill and Annie's father asks her to help him with his mail route.

Hurricane Michael

A sudden rain storm that hits while she is driving her father's wagon back home alone allows her to discover her own strength. An easy-to-read historical story about a family living in the Cornish mining community of New Diggins, Wisconsin. String of Hope. Oxen Books, After being accused of stealing, Louisa attempts to escape from the fort with the help of her friends.

Oliver, Andrew. Adams Pomeroy Press, Two determined twelve-year-olds, Sam and Stephanie, set out to unscramble these mysteries with their proven detective skills. Schaefer, Laura. The Secret Ingredient. Includes Annie's blog posts with recipes for scones and other teatime treats. Schatz, Ellie. Color Me Purple. Illustrated by Donna J. Ellie Books, Upset that her friend Kennedy is being teased for winning the spelling bee, Angie brings her concerns to her grandma, who helps Angie identify the different ways in which her classmates are smart.

Text boxes interspersed throughout the story provide information about the psychological theory of multiple intelligences. Ages 7-adult. Smith, Jennifer E. The Storm Makers. Illustrated by Brett Helquist. Little, Brown. Now money's tight, Ruby doesn't quite fit in at her new school, and, worst of all, her twin brother Simon, with whom she's always been close, is growing increasingly distant. As the worst drought in years grips the Midwest, Simon, with Ruby's help, must use his new-found powers to avert a climate catastrophe. Waboose, Jan Bourdeau. Morning on the Lake. Illustrated by Karen Reczuch.

In the morning on the lake in a birchbark canoe, they see a family of loons; hiking up a cliff at noon, they see an eagle; and walking through the forest at night, they see a pack of wolves. The boy is initially frightened by each sight but he follows the example of his grandfather and stays perfectly quiet and still. After each animal has passed, Mishomis interprets cultural messages for the boy, thereby teaching him about his heritage. For Older Readers Akervik, Caroline.

Anderson, Jodi Lynn. The Vanishing Season. Age 12 and older.

Tunnell’s Boys

Banash, Jennifer. Silent Alarm. Putnam, Age 14 and older. Bauer, Joan.

Sailing Ships Boats in Monster Storms, Pirates Attack - Heavy Weather Rough Seas - Ocean Maverick

Hope Was Here. Together, Hope and her aunt Addie have traveled all over the country to work in different diners, where Addie cooks delicious food and Hope serves it. After an exciting stint in Brooklyn, N. Hope doesn't know what to expect, but like always, she looks forward to the adventure. Bauer, Marion Dane. An Early Winter. Clarion Books, Tim and his mother have lived with his grandparents in their Wisconsin home, so he's always been close to his grandfather. Recently Tim and his mom moved to Minneapolis with his new stepfather. Now that his mother and Paul are married, Tim is making the best of the changes, but he loves to go Ahome.

He's overheard the whispers about Granddad, and he's overheard the word Alzheimer'ss. Tim refuses to believe that Granddad's forgetfulness is symptomatic of something serious until they go fishing, or try to. The two move into increasing danger, one step at a time, and then very swiftly. Along with developing one of her trademark fast-paced short novels featuring genuine dialogue and people about whom readers care, Bauer pictures the realistic denial and grief associated with Tim's anguish. Bick, Ilsa J. Draw the Dark. He evokes on paper images from his dreams and what he remembers of his parents who disappeared years ago.

His dreams and paintings collide when he begins to dream through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy, David, who lived in Winter during the s. Drowning Instinct. Carolrhoda Lab, Anderson, who tires to help her cope with the many stresses in her life: an abusive father, alcoholic mother, and a brother serving in Iraq.

Bjornson, Nancy. Jesse and Cash and the Illegal Trappers. Monarch Tree, On their first dog-sled run two boys, Jesse and Cash, come across a suspicious looking trapper.

They soon realize they have uncovered illegal trapping on the Island and must decide how to bring the criminals to justice. Brown, Anne Greenwood. Deep Betrayal. Delacorte Press, Lies Beneath. Promise Bound.

Is Crime in Jamaica Really That Bad? 9 Tips to Stay Safe

Bushnell, Jack. Illustrated by Laurie Caple. Chippewa Valley Museum Press, Cameron, Ann. The Secret Life of Amanda K. Perhaps because her mother thinks she is "average. Amanda's family owns a historic hotel in the small, northern Wisconsin community in which they live in this novel set in the s. Carter, Alden. Crescent Moon. Holiday House, It's a time of invention and innovation, and Jeremy Callahan can't wait to leave his old logging-town ways behind and join the race to the twentieth century.

His Uncle Mac, however, wants to pay tribute to the past and insists on Jeremy's help in carving a statue from a log to commemorate the "final log drive ever held on the Chippewa River. Cavanaugh, Nancy J. Just Like Me. Although Julia doesn't feel very Chinese, her cabin mates help her to learn more about who she is and where she belongs in the world. Clark, Catherine. Wurst Case Scenario. Not only does she miss her Colorado boyfriend, she feels overwhelmed by meat and dairy products.