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A psychogenic disease would be thinking your arm was sore and Kathryn could make you think your arm wasn't sore. Nolan wrote, "Search the literature as I have and you will find no documented cures by healers of gallstones, heart disease, cancer, or any other serious organic disease. Certainly you'll find patients temporarily relieved of their upset stomach, their chest pain, their breathing problems.

You'll find healers and believers who will interpret this interruption of symptoms as evidence that the disease is cured, but when you track the patient down and find out what happened later you will always find the cure to have been purely symptomatic and transient. The underlying disease remains. I remember one of A. Allen's cures; a man threw away his crutches and a horrible result came from it, and he was sued by a family for the severe injury that occurred to that man, when under the emotion of the moment, he was able to sort of prop himself momentarily and brought great harm to himself.

When faith healers try to treat serious organic diseases they're very often responsible for very serious anguish and unhappiness, and sometimes even life threatening things. Nolan had Ms. Kuhlman herself send him a list of the cancer victims she had seen cured, and this is what the doctor discovered, "I wrote to all the cancer victims on her list and the only one who offered cooperation was a man who claimed he had been cured of cancer by Ms. He sent me a complete report of his case. He had prostatic cancer which is frequently responsive to hormone therapy; if it spreads it is also highly responsive to radiation therapy.

This man had had that and he had also had extensive treatment with surgery, radiation, and hormones. He had also dealt with Kathryn Kuhlman.

He chose to attribute his cure or remission, as the case may be, to Ms. But anyone who read his report, layman or doctor, would see immediately that it is impossible to tell which kind of treatment had actually done most to prolong his life. If Ms. Kuhlman had to rely on this case to prove the Holy Spirit cured cancer through her, she would be in very desperate straits. Nolan did further work on 82 cases of Kathryn Kuhlman's healings using names that she herself supplied.

His conclusion at the end of the entire investigation was that not one of the so called healings was legitimate, not one. More recently, a very interesting man by the name of James Randi, have you heard that? He's called The Amazing Randi, he gave himself that name, he is a professional magician. As a professional magician he has written a book in which he examines the claims of faith healers, why? Because he knows all the gimmicks. You remember that Peter Popoff was one of the healers claimed to get words of knowledge.

He would stand there and he would say, "Jesus is telling me this about you," and the truth was he had a little earphone and his wife was giving him all this information because everybody who came to the meeting had to fill out a card.

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I don't know if you know about how that works but healers throughout the years have always had the pre-service meeting, when everybody who wants to be cured and get in the healing line fills out a very full card. There is a very simple way, by staggering the cards, that the guy can be holding up a card to his head and telling you all you need to know about yourself, to convince you that this man speaks for God. In the case of Peter Popoff he was repeating information his wife was putting in his ear, from the crib sheets assembled in the pre-meeting.

His antagonism is fed, I think, continually by what he finds out. But nevertheless, he seems to have done his investigation thoroughly. He asks scores of faith healers to supply him with direct, examinable evidence of true healings. He said, "I've been willing to accept just one case of a miracle cure, so that I might say in this book that at least on one occasion a miracle occurred. What is Randi's conclusion?

I quote, "Reduced to its basics, faith healing today, as it always has been, is simply magic. Though the preachers vehemently deny any connection with the practice, their activities meet all the requirements for the definition; all of the elements are present and the intent is identical," he said. Well, I don't want to just be ungracious, that's not my intention, but it is very important that you know the truth and that you be warned. If the Apostle John would even speak the name of Diotrephes just because he loved to have the preeminence in the church, and that posed a threat, then how important it is for us to identify these people who pose an even more severe threat, as they say they represent the very voice of God and can prove it by the fact they can do miracles.

I had a meeting with a man who is a very bright, a very intelligent, a very academically trained, a very intellectual man who understands the Bible, and he said to me, "The reason that I am in this movement is because one of these prophets stood up in a meeting and looked at me and told me the name of my mother, my mother's maiden name. Not only that he was able to tell me my father's real name, and my father goes by a nickname and I knew that he could only know that by direct revelation. Now how utterly gullible can a man be? If I could find a full fledged, bona fide theologian, first ranked, teaching in one of the most respected seminaries of the world, and if I could convince him of my being a prophet of God by just finding out the name of his mother and his father's real name, that wouldn't be too tough if that's all it took, especially if I had been plying that kind of trade for years.

It's amazing how gullible people are. We hear about these healings, but there's never any evidence. Not one of today's self styled healers has produced irrefutable proof of the miracles they claimed to have wrought.

Many of them are transparently fraudulent, and the healings in many cases aren't healings at all. Many things can occur by the power of suggestion, like people falling over backwards and so forth, but that can do the opposite of healing you as we noted a few weeks ago when we reminded you that one lady fell over in a Benny Hinn meeting and killed the lady she fell on, and now he's being sued. Now we all know that desperation accompanies disease. Sickness drives people to do frantic, extreme things they normally wouldn't do.

People who are clear minded and balanced become irrational. You know, if I may be very personal, one of the real joys of our church is the dear precious people that come here every Sunday in wheelchairs.

Pastor Robert Morris – Does Jesus Still Heal?

I can't tell you how many of those people have told me that people have said to them, "If you had enough faith, or if you went to another church, other than Grace Church, you could get out of that wheelchair. Somebody asked me recently if we get a lot of people here coming out of healing churches?

I say, "Yes, we get the people who go and don't get healed, no question about it. Now let me say this, people are going to say, "Well, are you saying God doesn't heal?

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That's completely, obviously within His power, and if it's in his purpose He can heal. He may heal as a result of prayer. He may heal through simple processes, through medical assistance, or he may heal in a way that we can't explain medically. God may speed up the recovery mechanism and restore a person to health in a way that medicine can't even explain. Sometimes He may overrule a medical prognosis and allow someone to recover from a normally debilitating disease. Healings like that may come, He may do them; He may do them in response to prayer, He may do them just because He wants to do them.

But the gift of healing, and the ability to heal, and special anointings for healing, and healings that can be claimed and therefore realized, and all the typical faith healing technique billed on the idea that God wants everybody well all the time, has no Biblical sanction whatsoever in the post-apostolic era. Now backing off a minute, if we just said, "Let's look at Jesus, and if anybody is healing today, and if Jesus' healings is the pattern, and if the Apostles is the pattern, how did they heal?

See a Problem?

We'll make a comparison and see if today it works like that. First, Jesus healed with a word or a touch. That's all it took. He Touched, He spoke, they were healed. Secondly, Jesus healed instantaneously. Never in all His healings does the Bible say He healed somebody and they started getting better.

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No, there was never a process, because if there was a process the point wasn't made. Because if there was a process then it could be explained another way, it was instantaneous. Jesus healed ten lepers instantaneously. The crippled man at the Pool of Bethesda immediately became well. Thirdly, Jesus healed totally, totally.

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When someone was healed they were totally and completely healed. The only kind of healing Jesus ever did, He didn't partially heal, He healed totally.

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Fourthly, he healed anybody, he healed anybody. He didn't have to have a long line of people filling out cards, and He certainly didn't have a whole group of people who came into the meeting in wheelchairs and left in wheelchairs, if they had wheelchairs, or crutches, or whatever. He healed everybody totally and He healed everybody with a word.

There wasn't some falderal it's just a word. Fifthly, he healed organic disease. He didn't just go around Palestine healing lower back pain, heart palpitations, headaches, and other things like that. He healed the most obvious organic disease; crippled bent legs, withered hands, blind eyes, paralysis. Sixthly, He raised the dead, He raised the dead. He came upon a funeral and he raised the dead.

You remember that?