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Austin Kleon. Dan Millman. Andrew Solomon. Christopher Germer. Melanie Fennell. Susanna Kaysen. Craig Roberts. Florence Williams. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Description The traumatic affects of childhood sexual abuse can remain and recur throughout life for women who have not healed emotionally.

This book by a family therapist shares stories from 18 women abused as children, explaining that healing can occur at any stage of life, and that healing, itself, occurs in stages. The author offers guidance to recognize the long-lingering potential affects of childhood sexual abuse including depression, anxiety, dissociation, and chronic shock, and she explains steps to take for recovery.

Also presented are letters from women who have healed or are in recovery. Sexual abuse by men, juveniles, and female perpetrators is discussed, as is how children may act out the abusive behavior taught by perpetrators. The incidence of abuse by family members is also addressed. Duncan explains the dual dilemma-moral and legal-that women face in exposing a sexual perpetrator within the family when not protected by the legal system due to statutes of limitations.

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